Online Profile Builder:
Helping to build e-mail directories by interests, needs, and demographics. Quickly, efficiently and easily distribute announcements and information.
  • For Alumni Management- Alumni build and manintain their own profiles with address information, event participation and interests. Target only those interested in golf outtings, special lectures or tailgates. Can also be used to implement quick surveys.
  • For Students - Useful for Student Life or Residence Halls. Have incoming students complete the Online Profile Builder. Our system will automatically build e-mail lists for contacting those interested in intramural sports or any other activity.
  • For Parent Communications - Today's parents are more interested in keeping up with college happenings. Use individual profiles to build e-mail notification lists for parent/family events, academic schedules, fee and refund schedules, and more.
  • Increase Efficiency - Using our Online Profile Builder targets communications, saves time by automatically building group lists: by address, interest, class year, or any other profile factor.
  • Saves Money - Using e-mail notifications saves on labels, printing costs and postage.

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