Senior Exit and Post-Graduation Surveys
Measuring what matters
  • Assess students' satisfaction with their education and preparation- Ask students about general coursework, coursework in their major, competency skills, internships, career planning and placement. You can add custom questions to address programs unique to your college.
  • Use for planning, assessment, accreditation and accountability needs - Survey results are used to establish baseline satisfaction levels and subsequent satisfaction levels, typically to assess the impact of programs or other continuous improvement activities.
  • Fast implementations by us mean a fast response for you - We can have one of our standard surveys ready for you in a week. With our real-time results you can begin to assess a critical situation the day the survey starts!
  • Data is worth a thousand opinions- Our analysis tools identify areas where you can enact change quickly with the least resistance. With numerical rankings and easy to read reports, consensus can be quickly built.
  • Know what was said and who said it - Use our dynamic filtering capabilities to review survey results by any demographic sub-group, such as hispanic students or new faculty. Our powerful reverse-segmentation capabilities allow you to see an aggregate demographic profile for question answers. For example, reverse segment on all those who strongly disagreed with a question and see that, of those who strongly disagreed, 82% were female and 70% were transfer students.
  • Build your alumni database- Our Exit Survey can also be used to build your graduate database, making it easier to survey post-grads in a couple of years.
  • Continuous, sustained improvement - We're confident our Exit and Post-Graduate Survey will immediately empower you to better manage your college. Just as exciting is the value of longitudinal data. By implementing the survey on an annual basis, you continually gauge the effectiveness of initiatives and keep your finger on the pulse of the college community. Meanwhile, national and regional comparisons of like colleges will put your data in greater perspective.
The College Perceptions Exit and Post-Graduation Surveys
  • Examine areas that are key to student's career preparation and your college's mission
  • Allows you to focus on inputs to effective colleges, not the output of retention or graduation rates
  • Quickly builds consensus to enact change
College Perceptions Online Surveys
  • Survey multiple constituencies: students, faculty, staff, administrators, employers or community members.
  • Internet surveys save time - survey all groups in just two weeks
  • Increase response rates and lower postage fees with e-mail notification and reminders
  • Results are instantly available - no waiting months for results
  • Results are dynamic, allowing for unlimited segmentation and analysis
  • Comments are also displayed by area, sortable and filterable.
  • Add custom questions and demographics to any of the surveys.
Analysis Tools simplify reporting
  • Area Scores by Demographic - compare scores in each survey area across all demographic subsets.
  • Opportunity Index - automatically identifies areas where you can enact change with the least amount of resistance.
  • Hot Button Index - identifies the key issues concerning any one constituency.

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