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College Perceptions utilizes advanced, real-time web surveying tools to help colleges identify, evaluate and prioritize the factors that affect their success. We offer a variety of surveys and analysis tools.

Questions were developed using educational research, experts, and practitioners. Most of our questions use a five-point "Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree" Likert scale, with importance and satisfaction questions using a multi-point numeric scale. Each area also offers a place for respondents to leave comments.

We can easily survey one or more of your constituencies - students, faculty, support staff, community, parents and administrators - to assure a balanced, complete perspective. Not only does this provide an understanding of each constituency's concerns, but it also offers insight into the differences between groups. All answers are stored on our secure servers.

You can access your results anytime with an internet connection. Results are available by question and by category. We also offer targeted analysis tools, providing information that enlightens rather than overwhelms. These analysis tools focus on critical areas such as student social and academic attachment.

With our dynamic segmentation tool, you gain complete control over your data. Survey results, including the analysis tools and comments are sortable on any combination of the demographics.

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