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Each potential respondent receives a 16-digit number to enter on the college2000.com web page. The number directs them to your survey and keeps a respondent's answers anonymous. We provide you with user numbers for each participating constituency: student, faculty, and staff member.


Distribute the User Numbers

There are many ways to give each person their user number. Student numbers can be distributed by e-mail or mailed. Faculty and staff numbers can be e-mailed, put in mailboxes or distributed in a staff meeting. Choose the method that works best for your college!


Take The Survey

The normal survey administration time is two weeks. This process can be facilitated by providing students an opportunity to take the survey during certain classes.


See The Results

The results of the surveys are updated in real time. At any point during or after the survey process you can access the results, including any of our specially designed data analysis tools. These tools provide you with the critical data you need to better tackle the specific issues facing your college and to see where you are doing well.


Start Improving Your College

With the College Perceptions assessment you can begin working on solutions to your critical issues immediately! There is no need to wait six weeks for a printed report or for a high-priced "expert" to come explain the complicated findings to you. All of the survey results are right at your fingertips, ready for you to use to improve your college!

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