Jump-Start Questionnaire and Recordkeeping
Easier Recordkeeping and Better Planning

    College Perceptions Jump-Start New Student Questionnaire and Recordkeeping can help your advising department better serve all students, plan department offerings and provide valuable information to the rest of the college.

    • Jump-Start - Gathers incoming students' information to assist advising and improve planning. Click here to see an example.
    • Student-Advisor Online Records - Keep student advising records on-line, including questionnaires, advisors' comments and meeting dates. Password-protected records are available for designated advisors to assist any student. Click here to see an example.
  • Better Serve New Students -Use Jump-Start to ease that first student-advisor meeting. The questionnaire covers majors, expected time commitments including commute time and hours of work and study, and what workshops, like study skills or test taking the student would like more information about.

    Students take the ten minute questionnaire prior to your first meeting. The internet-based questionnaire can be taken from home, high school or as part of an introduction to campus computing centers. Advisors can pull up a student's repsonses during that first meeting. Our format allows an advisor to easily see a student's academic interests, expected time commitments, and academic support requests. Click here to see an example.

    An advisor can use the student's responses to begin the conversation about possible areas of study, course load and scheduling considerations to help the student succeed their first year.

  • Make Group Advising Smoother - As students take Jump-Start their results are automatically aggregated with the rest of the incoming class. With our system it is easy to create groups of students sharing similar interests. Quickly find all potential engineering majors who are commuting to school or all first-generation students interested in education majors.

  • Better Serve Current Students - Use Online Recordkeeping to track student requests, concerns and recommendations. Password-protected individual records can be accessed by advisors to provide assistance to any student coming through their door. ENtered comments are automatically date- and name- stamped. Click here to see an example. Comment field is accessible on "Student Profile" page.

  • Better Planning -As new students complete their incoming advising questionnaire an aggregate database of the incoming class is automatically created. Moreover, this database uses all of our segmentation tools allowing advising departments to immediately see how many students are interested in what workshops and majors. Use demographic- and reverse-segmentation to target and schedule workshops to meet specific student needs. For example, plan a time management workshop for commuting students. See that 80% of those students wanting note-taking skills are science majors and gear the workshop accordingly. Click here to see an example of support needs display. Each answer bar is a hyper link to the demographics for all those who answering. Click here to see the reverse segmentation information from clicking on "Wants More Information on Study Skills". Notice how many of those wanting more on study skills only studied 5 hours at their last school.

  • Create Reports Everyone Can Use - Provide other college offices with summaries of the incoming class. Summarize their academic and extracurricular interests. Indicate trends by comparing previous year results to the current year.
College Perceptions Online Products
  • Questionnaires and surveys can be taken anytime and anywhere there is internet access
  • View student records and aggregate results anytime and anywhere
  • Results are instantly available - no waiting months for results
  • Records are secure. Stored on our servers and with password-protected access
  • Results are dynamic, allowing for unlimited segmentation and analysis

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