College Perceptions Budget Advisor:
Input for Tough Decisions

    Begin by identifying the programs or services you might need to cut. Survey takers then rank how much each program impacts students, contributes to your mission, and how strongly they agree the program should be cut.

  • By surveying all constituencies about their priorities, you will always have data when making tough decisions.
  • Asks all constituencies to give suggestions and offer solutions when facing a budget reduction.
  • Lay the foundation for fiscally responsible budget management by preparing and educating all constituencies on the budget challenges ahead.
  • Useful for departments, colleges and entire universities.
College Perceptions Online Surveys
  • Survey multiple constituencies: students, faculty, staff, the community, parents and administrators
  • Internet surveys save time - survey all groups in just one week
  • Surveys are anonymous and secure
  • No one takes the survey more than once
  • Results are instantly available - no waiting months for results
  • Results are dynamic, allowing for unlimited segmentation and analysis
Analysis Tools
  • Importance Index - Ranks programs based on how important they are in helping your college or department achieve its mission
  • Permission Index - Identifies programs that each constituency would give you permission to cut, if necessary
  • Student Impact Rating - Identifies programs having the greatest impact on students

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