Registration Questions

Q. How do I sign up for a College Perceptions product?

A. Simply contact your sales representative or call us at 262-644-4300. We will need to know which product, how many people you want to survey, and the dates for the survey to begin and end.

Implementation of the Survey Process

Q. How long does it take to set up?

A. Not long. We will decide on a notification method - e-mail or regular mail, finalize the questions and pick a start date. Once you sign up, we will send you labels for each survey constituency and a implementation kit. For e-mail we will need a file with e-mail addresses. The only administration required is printing the notification cards, applying the labels and distributing. Usually this can be done by a clerical person in less than a day depending on the size of the school. Once we have what we need we can be ready in about 3 weeks.

Q. Can I add my own custom questions?

A. Yes. You may add custom demographics and questions in a set. A set of questions may contain up to five questions per constituency to address specific concerns of your institution. Complete segmentation is available for all of these questions as well as demographic breakdown and comments. Our other analysis tools can not be used to analyze your custom questions. Demographics can be added in sets of two. We have a number of demographic sets unique to various settings, such as those for all women colleges or urban locations.

Analyzing Results

Q. How do we get access to our College Perceptions results?

A. Because College Perceptions is an online service, there is no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain. Those with user names and passwords can start to see results the day the survey begins. Analysis of results must be done with Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or higher). Netscape Navigator is not compatible with our advanced analysis tool. We will also send you sample communication templates which have been used at other schools to share the results.

Q. How safe are my results?

A. Extremely safe. We utilize the same security techniques used in the banking industry to manage financial transactions.

Q. Who can see my results?

A. Only people who have been given a special user name and password to view your results. College Perceptions will issue you as many user names and passwords to view the results as you need. It is the school's responsibility to determine who is issued a password and who is not.

Q. Is any training required to analyze my results?

A. No. The College Perceptions results can be used immediately with no training. Our customers find that using College Perceptions is similar to using other Web sites - extremely easy and user friendly. If you know how to use the Web, you will know how to use our analysis tools.

Q. Is training available if I need it?

A. While training is not required, we offer free training for administrators. The sessions typically run less than one hour. The sessions are held via telephone while you are analyzing your data dynamically through the Internet, conveniently allowing you to participate right from your office.

Q. What involvement is required from my college's technology people?

A. None. College Perceptions surveys and analysis are accessed through the Internet via a Web browser and require no modifications or upgrades to your existing environment. All you need is Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or higher). As part of the implementation kit we include a memo for your technology staff detailing system needs.

Q. Can I export my data?

A. Since the data is maintained, backed up and available 24 hours a day, there is no need to import your data. You can run any segmentations or analysis for 12 months after you survey has been completed. If you would like, we will provide you with a printed version at a nominal cost.

Q. Can I run custom segmentations on my data?

A. Yes, you may segment on any combination of the demographic inputs for each constituency.

Customer Support Questions

Q. How do I contact Customer Support?

A. Free Customer Support is available to assist you with your set up and answer general user questions. You can contact the College Perceptions Customer Support department by visiting our Web site at www.collegeperceptions.com or calling (262) 644-4300. Customer Support hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central Time.

Q. How do I get upgrades to the latest College Perceptions analysis tools?

A. Because College Perceptions is a Web site, any time we add a new feature, you will have access to it immediately the next time you visit the Web site. There is no need to download any software or make system adjustments. There will be no additional charges for the new analysis tools.

Billing Questions

Q. What is your billing policy?

A. College Perceptions will bill you in advance of service provided. The amount you are billed will vary based on the survey tool or advising product being used. Our terms are "net 30" from the invoice date.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept payment by check or purchase order.

Q. What is your Federal Tax ID number?

A. FEIN number is

Q. What is your remittance address?

A. Our remittance address for US Postal mailing is:

College Perceptions, LLC
425 B East Washington St.
Slinger, WI 53086

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