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Analysis Tools:

"Every clarification breeds new questions." Arthur Bloch

College Perceptions has analysis tools to help you quickly see the big picture and then easily delve into details. Our web-based system allow users to move back and forth between survey results, analysis tools and demographic variables. Analysis tools and scores provide a snapshot view of current satisfaction levels. Using the surveys every semester or year enable users to monitor a college's progress over time and assess the impact of improvement programs.

With a click use demographic segmentation to sort survey results by any combination of demographic variables. For example, by clicking on a demographic's score you can compare academic satisfaction for different majors, social attachment to campus for different ethnic groups, areas of highest satisfaction for new faculty members or even the satisfaction of employed graduates to that of those in graduate school. Comments are also sortable in this fashion.

Powerful reverse segmentation allows you to see a demographic profile for those who answered a question a certain way. For example, a click on a survey result's "strongly disagree" might show 80% of those strongly disagreeing were women or commuting students. Click here to see an example of the reverse segmentation.

Below are some examples of our analysis tools. Please see our product descriptions for a complete list of tools available with each survey.

Opportunity Index- Graphically sorts Element categories by level of importance and satisfaction. Spend time effectively by first focusing on issues ranked high in importance and low in satisfaction.

Hot-Button Index- Quickly and easily identifies what issues constituencies and various demographic sub-groups are most concerned about.

Demographic Area Score- Composite score of Element categories, such as student housing or advising, across demographic groups to easily compare satisfaction among different groups.

Student Retention Gap Analysis- Quickly and easily see where withdrawing and transfering students' satisfaction with college life differs the most from those staying.

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