Total Advising Assessment
Measuring Advising Learning Outcomes

    An on-line, anonymous survey to assess advising learning outcomes as well as satisfaction with the advising department and/or faculty advisors and/or peer advisors. Get a 360 view of your department survey students, faculty, and staff. Use to establish a baseline of for evaluating new programs or policies, on-going assessment and planning needs.

  • Measure Advising Learning Outcomes-Learning outcomes based on CAS general standards. Students respond "Yes or No" to 20 behaviorial questions in the following categories: Goals, College Skills, Independence, Healty Lifestyle, Self-Appraisal, Values and Career Choices. Use responses to target advisor-advisee priorities, student workshops, or advisor training. Total scores can be used to benchmark and assess changes in your advising program and for accreditation.

  • Sort results by type of student and type of advisor -Students can take survey for advising center advisors, faculty advisors or peer advisors. Survey students only by the type of advisor(s) they see. Compare and contrast scores for each type of advisor. Results can also be sorted by student demographic variables. Track responses by semesters completed, ethnicity/race, usual grades, reasons for visiting advisor and more. See for example, that 20% of those having completed 2 semesters have selected a major compared to 70% of those having completed 6 semesters. Click here to see an example.

  • Satisfaction is measured by Expectation Gaps - Students respond to satisfaction questions by indicating how satisfied they are with advisor's availability, for instance, and how important availability is to them. Expectation Gaps will be graphically and numerically represented. Quickly find those areas of High Importance and Low Satisfaction to your students. Questions include advisor's role in making academic plans, setting goals, referral to campus resources, helping with personal and academic problems, knowledge of campus policies and procedures, majors, and more.

  • Do a 360 Assessment Survey students, advisors, and faculty about learning outcomes and the importance and satisfaction of various advising roles.

  • Add outcomes relating to your department's or college's mission statement We can add custom questions unique to your institution. An additional programming fee will apply.
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