College Perceptions gathers, aggregates, maintains and presents student data in usable forms to help you improve planning and better serve students.

We use on-line surveying and reporting, allowing surveys and results to be accessed from any computer with internet access.
Our unique segmentation and filtering capabilites mean you can generate the reports you want - whenever you want. From individual student profiles to the academic support needs of commuting students, you quickly see the information you need.
Our dynamic system means results are available the minute a survey is completed. Easy to understand graphic and numeric analysis tools pinpoint areas of strength and opportunity.

From the first day on campus to gathering data from graduates, we have products for all aspects of the student experience.

Start measuring Advising Learning Outcomes! Our Total Advising Assessment measures what you want to measure. In addition to satisfaction, our survey will take a look at Expectation Gaps and Advising Learning Outcomes.
Use Jump-Start Advising (including  Online Recordkeeping) to make new student advising and registration more efficient, streamline planning for student support needs, and provide valuable information about the incoming class to other college departments.
The The Elements of Student Satisfaction Survey can be used to look at one area, such as facilities or instruction, or in its entirety to assess your college climate. We can survey any combination of constituents: students, faculty, staff, parents, and community.
Exit and Post-Graduate Surveys can be used by colleges for accreditation needs and for internal planning. With our dynamic aggregating system you can spend the summer planning next year instead of tallying surveys. Post-Graduate Surveys are easy with our web-based system. E-mail and postcard notification direct alumni to a website where they can quickly and anonymously complete your survey.

We have the tools to help you better manage your college.


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